Example of an Application. (Read this before you submit.)

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Announcement or Sticky Example of an Application. (Read this before you submit.)

Post  GMTom on Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:45 pm

Hey there everybody. I'm here to tell you how to make an application that we won't fall asleep looking at. If you've already submitted one, please edit it so it follows the criteria of this application.

So here's an example and please make your App as close to this as possible.

Name: (Weirdie the Third)

IGN (If you have one): ImWeird

Age: (94)

Have you had any Experience as a GMand if you had what server(s)?: (Yes, on a distant server nobody's heard of called.. TigerMS)

If you're applying for anything else other than a GM, what experience do you have? (I worked with a professional coder for 3 years)

What are your hobbies?: (I like to sit on the computer and look at kitties.)

How many hours would you play approx. a day? (23.423 hours)

How would you help and cause a difference?: (I would test many things and try to help code things with Sam)

What are your talents?: (I am a proficient programmer, I'm very social, cooperative, a good event coordinator, and I like kitties.)

Why the hell should we pick YOU? (Because I stand out among the group and I have talents not a lot of people have.)

Thanks for your time, and I hope you review my application and your happy with it.

That is an example of a good Application. Please follow this guideline as close as possible. If it doesn't follow it, I will lock it and ask you to make a new one.

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